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I am looking for individuals interested in New Age and Ancient Teachings. The arts, metaphysics, wicca, paganism, buddhism, etc. All of these things have different beliefs, but they have one thing in common - a spiritual bond with the beauty of nature and it's magical properties. To find your purpose in life, and to discover who you really are.

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Whether you're just curious, an ametuer, or even advanced, anyone is welcome to join or even just read.

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Here you can find resources and information on books, rituals, spells, materials, herbs, meditation techniques, and much more.

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Feel free to discuss with other members about beliefs and interests related to the community.

Interests related to the community include:

1) Arts of any kind: drawing, sculpting, painting, poetry, short stories, philosophy, photography, clothing, music, dance, tattoos, henna, piercings, etc.

2) Buddhism: zen, meditation, nirvana, karma, chakras, past lives & reincarnation, peace, etc.

3) New Age Divinity: wicca, paganism, astrology, astronomy, metaphysics, numerology, palmistry, symbolism, rituals, crafts, herbs, spells, prayers, crystals, dressing candles, essential oils, opening the third eye, incense, tarot, alter cloths, amulets, talismans, runes, handwriting analysis, dream analysis and interpretation, clairvoyance, lunar and planetary cycles, etc.

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1) Keep in mind everyone's beliefs are different, and respect others, or you will be banned. Some people strongly believe in what they practice. Let there be peace, agree to disagree.

2) This community does not discuss Black Magic. No negativity is allowed.

3) Pictures are welcome, everyone loves pictures!! But, if you post more than two, please use an LJ cut.

4) Be yourself, do not copy other's work. If you submit a spell, incantation, poem, story, or anything else that is not yours, please share the book title, article, or website from which it originated. This may help others further their intellect.

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This section will have continuous additions by myself and the members of the community. Please contact if you have any suggestions :)


Parker's Astrology
Parker's Dream Dictionary
Tarot Spellcaster
Living Wicca
10,000 Dreams Interpretted
Your Dreams and Your Stars
The Secret Language of Birthdays

New Age Bookstores and Supply:

Purple Moon, Dunedin, Fl.
Serenity Now, Palm Harbour, Fl.
Greendragon Books, Ybor City, Fl.
Jeanie's Secrets, Lakeworth Fl.